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Gum Care

Essential Periodontal (Gum) Care for Optimum Oral Health

Did you know that research in recent years has revealed that heart disease may be linked to poor periodontal health? The bacterial and pathogens that colonize in the gum pockets and around the teeth enter the blood stream and travel to other organs and areas of the body, including the heart. Often, these will accumulate in the arteries of the heart, but also may form cysts in other organs. Oral Health and Periodontal health are very important indeed! We will occasionally hear from patients how “they just feel so much better” physically once good periodontal heath is attained.

Since Periodontal disease does not have symptoms until it is too late, it most often goes undetected and undiagnosed. The Bacteria eat away the bone and supporting ligaments that surround the roots. This happens slowly and painlessly, but the infection is still present and doing much harm.

At Fort Smith Dentistry, we take seriously the health of our patients and perform a thorough periodontal examination with our comprehensive evaluation. We then carefully monitor the periodontal health at every subsequent Hygiene Recare appointment.


In addition to healthy gums, Dr. Stan Udouj and Dr. Isaac Tuan Le also evaluate the smile and the role the gums play in creating a beautiful smile. Often, simple procedures may be done to the gums to enhance the smile and accent the teeth.

Contact us for more information about Gum Care.


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